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UK electric vehicle infrastructure investment

Electric vehicle sales in the UK have seen exponential growth with figures doubling year-on-year since 2011 and quadrupling in 2015. Projections forecast that there will be over 1 million electric vehicles in the UK by 2020.

The UK electric vehicle market has recently undergone a significant expansion, and in the last quarter of 2014 and first quarter of 2015 electric vehicles represented over 1% of new car sales for the first time. From January till June 2015, a UK consumer bought an electric car every 18 minutes. 

    UK EV Sales
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has confirmed the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London on 7 September 2020. This will encourage the use of electric vehicles, improving the quality of life and health of Londoners. London's famous red double-decker bus and black taxi are two of London’s most recognisable icons which are now set to become electric.

As a result of new licensing requirements, London will have 9,000 electric taxis by 2020 with Transport for London (TfL) to ensure that 50% of London 's car club fleets will be low emission vehicles within the next 10 years.

Work is under way to realise these aspirations, with TfL recently starting a formal market engagement exercise for a new network of 300 rapid charge points in place by 2020.

    ULEZ Map

Boris Johnson's Vision for London:
"London aims to be the electric vehicle capital of Europe, with ultra low emission vehicles as a core part of our sustainable transport system."

What is a Rapid charge point network? Rapid charge points have a power rating of 50kW or greater and can charge a vehicle battery considerably faster than standard charging, delivering an 80% charge in around 20 minutes.

Investment opportunity:

We are in a unique position to bring to our clients an exciting investment opportunity to participate in the future of London's electric vehicle rapid charge network and operation. This is also an ideal investment for clients looking for a UK entrepreneur visa.

Our partner company, Engenie is a London based company that specialise in building, owning and operating electric vehicle rapid charge point networks. They are set to work with TfL to build a network of 250 points located in high profile on-street and supermarket car park locations in London and throughout the UK.

For further information on this opportunity please contact us on +44 207 439 4750 for an investment summary and financial forecast. Additional information can be found here www.engenie.co.uk